Eastbank Primary School - RSS Feedhttp://www.eastbank-pri.glasgow.sch.uk/This is an rss feed for the on the Eastbank Primary School website.Copyright 2001-2013 Gateway Shared Services60THE SHOE BOX APPELhttp://www.eastbank-pri.glasgow.sch.uk//Blog/BlogPost.aspx?BlogPostId=f300961a-c6bb-4939-8e1c-c203480505c9<p>Our school have sent shoe boxes around all classes to put toys that you dont want to keep any more or if u want to buy anything to put in&nbsp;however, the&nbsp;only things you can put in are small toy cars, action figures, pens, crayons, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners,&nbsp;lego and&nbsp;bouncy balls.&nbsp; Unfortunatelty you&nbsp;are not allowed to put in batteries&nbsp;or sharp things so help us gather items&nbsp;to help people that dont have anything at Chistmas.</p> Leigha OwensFri, 18 Nov 2016 14:09:00 GMTchildren in need dayhttp://www.eastbank-pri.glasgow.sch.uk//Blog/BlogPost.aspx?BlogPostId=93ac0703-3c03-4d9a-bf58-1ad244d0b0ae<p>Today&nbsp;we celebrated Children in Need Day.&nbsp;&nbsp;We had to wear a piece of silver or something spotty. .At&nbsp;play time it was the primary 1-3 bottle flip challenge&nbsp;and at lunch time it was primary 4-7 we got a tub so we could raise money for children in need. 10p a go!</p> Leigha OwensFri, 18 Nov 2016 13:53:22 GMT