Eastbank Primary School
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Whole School 'Soft Start'

A Guide to Soft Start


The playground is open all morning but is not supervised until 8.45am.

Breakfast Club is open from 8.00am, they will be taken to the playground at 8.45am, weather permitting.

(Children are NOT able to wait in the main entrance hall during this time)


Doors to classes will be open from 8.50am.

Parents from P1 are able to take their children into the class; P2-P7 should enter on their own.


Parents MUST leave the class before the bell rings at 9.00am as this is when the formal school day will begin, the teacher may not call the children to the carpet at this time, but all parents should be out of the school by then.

Parents should leave by the P1 or P2 exit.

If children arrive late to school (after 9.00am) please go to the main office and a member of school staff will ensure they are taken to class.