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Gallery - Happy Halloween 2012

Enter to see the spooky goings on at Eastbank at Halloween.


Acting the clown

Brave and Braver

Cute or scary

Dr Who shows no fear

Everybody scream

Futuristic and fantasy

Guess who?

Hip hop boys

Hippy chick

How does my hair look?

I'm a little devil

I'm brave

It takes all sorts

Let's dance

Little monsters

Looking after baby

Monster dance off

Oh No! I've been caught

P3/2 celebrate Halloween

Party table

Past, present and future

Pretty pirate and princess

Princesses and pirates

Scream some more

Snow White has lost her dwarves

Super heroes, knights and vampires

What a party!

What did one cat say to the other?

Where else woud the hulk meet Spongebob!

Where's Jack Sparrow when you need him?

Who has the biggest smile?

Zombie bride

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