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Gallery - Blairvadach 2014

It was November and it might have been cold but that didn't stop everyone from having a great time.

Al the right safety equipment

Anyone for a swim

Anyone for table football


Can you help me with my wellies

Chilling out

Clean plates

Come and get me

Connect 4

Good times


Im coming down

Im only resting my eyes

Its bath time

Its not that cold

Its partytime

Its pretty high

Just hanging around

Miss why are you so clean

Nearly there

Needle tea

On your bike


Rope bridge

Style icon


The Tour de Blairvadach

Top of the class

Walk the high rope

We're ready to get started

Were all in this together

were not scared of the dark

What way are we going

Who said it would be glamorous

Who said this was difficult

Who turned the lights out

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