Eastbank Primary School
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Eastbank Primary School Uniforms.


To order uniforms go to B.E. Schoolwear, 35 Argyle Street , Glasgow G2 8AH.




Order on-line at info@border-embroideries.co.uk



If you received a grant last year you do not need to apply this year, we will pay you automatically in early July. You must however let us know now if your circumstances have changed such as your bank details or address. Visit our website at www.glasgow.gov.uk/schoolsandlearning to complete an online enquiry form.

If you are a new applicant, forms will be available on our website mid-July, once the automatic payments have been made.

For S5 or S6 pupils (aged 16+), grants are paid after pupils have returned to school. To find out more information please visit our website www.glasgow.gov.uk/schoolsandlearning