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Useful Websites
As we continue throughout the school closures we will be using SeeSaw to communicate with parents.  Please find a link below to a video to help you to navigate the app.  



We also recommend some websites to help with your learning at home.  



Every child at Eastbank has a login to this numeracy website. Games are pitched at the right level for each child and are good fun.  Sumdog have announced that during this period, they will provide free access to the literacy games too.



This website has some free literacy and numeracy content for P1-4. It is particularly useful for children who are learning to read.


Topmarks Education

This website has lots of free teaching resources and games for most curricular areas and with different levels suitable from P1-7.   Many games are tablet friendly.


BBC Bitesize

This website has games and short film clips relating to a variety of curricular areas, including maths and literacy.  Early level resources are suitable for most children in P1, first level for most children in P2-4 and second level for most children in P5-7.




Twinkl have created free downloadable resource packs to help children and families at home.  The early level pack is suitable for most children in P1, first level for most children in P2-4 and second level for most children in P5-7.




This teaching website has also produced free downloadable resource packs for families to use at home.  The packs come with ages ranges printed on for guidance.




This website helps adults and children to learn a new language.  It can also be downloaded as an app.  Perfect for French practice, or whichever language takes your fancy!



Oxford Owl

This website offers free e-books suitable from nursery to P7.  It also offers advice to parents and carers on how to help children with reading, spelling and times tables.




This app is useful for anyone wanting to practise and learn music skills.  There are free and premium versions available.



Cosmic Kids Yoga

Free themed yoga sessions available on YouTube.  The instructor tells a story while leading you through some poses.  Favourites include the Frozen, Pokemon and Spider-Man yoga adventures.



Classroom Secrets

This website is sharing free home learning packs.  The activities cover maths, grammar and reading comprehension.  They are organised by English year groups.  Most P1 pupils should use the EYFS pack, P2 should use the Year 1 pack and so on, with P7 using the Year 6 Pack.  In addition to the learning packs there are some practical ideas for activities that adults and children could do together.



Science Museum

The Science Museum has a range of resources organised by age group.  There are videos of experiments, ideas to try at home and games to play.



Scottish SPCA

The Scottish SPCA has decided to release a range of animal themed activity booklets over the coming months.  The booklets aim to cover all curricular areas and will include puzzles and problems to solve.  The booklets will be on the website link below as they become available.



Learning and Exploring Through Play (Instagram)

This account shares lots of free and easy ideas on its feed.  They frequently share stories and their inbox is always open for anyone who fancies a wee chat.




Family Days Tried and Tested

Great ideas on how to keep children entertained from a family with eight children.



Messy Little Monster

This website is a place full of art, craft and activity ideas, created by a mum and early years teacher.



Preschool Inspirations

Lots of great ideas for younger children, including calming activities, from a pre-school teacher and mum.



Teach Preschool

Lots of play based learning ideas for younger children, covering literacy, fine motor skills, STEM and sensory play.



Red Ted Art

Lots of great creative ideas here, including a “Stuck Indoors Guide to Red Ted Art”.



Music With Nancy

A YouTube channel with great sing and clap along songs, which are important for helping children with their literacy.



Imagination Tree

A website full of ideas from an early years teacher and mum of four, based in the UK.  She has posted a survival guide to being stuck indoors which looks very useful.



Best Ideas for Kids

Another great website full of fun activities for kids, including a post with 100 indoor activities.



The Kids Should See This

A collection of child friendly videos on a wide variety of subjects.



National Geographic Kids

A great website for children wanting to research other countries, weather and animals.




You can sign up for a free trial of this website which streams animated children’s storybooks.



Ted Ed

Part of the TED Talks family, this website has hundreds of animated lessons.




Lots of games and stories for younger children.




Nature Detectives

Activities for being outdoors from the Woodland Trust.  Cunningar Loop and Tollcross Park could be a good location for some of these.



British Council

The classroom resources on this website are designed to help children explore different cultures and discuss international issues.




A fun website with games and activities based on the Dr Seuss books.



Go Noodle

This website has lots of silly and funny active songs and exercises, as well as mindfulness routines.



Nomster Chef

A website with lots of recipes aimed at getting kids aged 2-12 cooking with their adults.  Cooking can help children practise practical maths skills through weighing and measuring ingredients.



The British Museum

An online interactive version of The British Museum.  Explore the exhibits, including the Rosetta Stone, which helped historians finally decode Egyptian hieroglyphics.



Fun Brain

A website with free games, maths and reading activities.



Storyline Online

A website featuring videos of celebrities reading storybooks aloud.