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Enrolment Procedures



Parents/Carers wishing to enrol their child may call at the school or telephone at any point.


Children who are five years of age by the last day of February of the following year are normally registered at the school during November and January of the year in which they start school.

Advertisements are placed in local papers by the Authority advising parents when they should register children at their local school. Also we issue information for display in local nurseries and playgroups. Those parents considering a place at Eastbank are most welcome to arrange a visit and meeting with the Senior Leadership Team. We can give you a guided tour and answer any questions you may have.

Parents are reminded to bring their child’s Birth Certificate and two proofs of address e.g. utility bills, driving licence in your name when enrolling their child.

Families living outwith the catchment area are welcome to make a placing request to attend Eastbank Primary School but must enrol their child at their local school as a first step. Further information is available using the following

Primary 1 Intake

Following Primary 1 Registration Parent Induction Meetings will provide parents/carers with more detailed information. In May/June our new Primary 1 pupils will be given the opportunity to visit their future Primary 1 classroom to fully prepare them for starting school.

Primary 1 ‘Soft Start’

We have introduced a ‘soft start’ for our Primary 1 children and their parents. School will continue to officially start at 9.00am but our Primary 1 children and any accompanying adult are invited to make their way in to the Primary 1 cloakroom/classroom between 8.50am – 9.00am. This will allow for an informal/friendly ‘passover’ between parent and teacher and give our children a chance to unpack, settle, play and chat until 9.10am when class teaching time will begin.

For any children attending breakfast club or being dropped off earlier, our support staff and P1 teachers will support our Primary One’s to enter and enjoy. There will be lots of parents who won’t be there between 8.50am-9.00am, however, all P1 children will have the opportunity to get unpacked and organised for the day ahead and most importantly play and socialise with friends before settling down to their P1 programme. The benefits of ‘soft’ starts are widely documented and praised across Glasgow and indeed the world – we are keen to pilot this approach and monitor the impact on our youngest learners too. Thanking you in advance for your support and patience.