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    Eastbank Primary School    
ValuesMission Statement
“Give values the high 5”
Our values have been identified, developed and agreed in consultation with all pupils, staff, parents/guardians and members of our wider community.
Eastbank Primary Values
FAIRNESS is showing an awareness of all points of view.
HONESTY is always telling the truth.
POLITENESS is using good manners to live together in harmony.

 RESPECT is treating everyone and everything with consideration and care.

RESPONSIBILITY is making good choices for yourself and others.

All stakeholders are committed to living and sharing our values.
As a pupil, I will let my choices be guided by our shared school values.
As a school, we will promote and celebrate the values of fairness, honesty, politeness, respect and responsibility.
As a parent/guardian, I will encourage and support my child’s commitment to our shared values.
As friends of Eastbank, we will respect and promote the shared school Values of Eastbank Primary.


Our ‘Values Characters’ help us to live our values:-

                FIONA FAIRNESS     

                    PETER POLITENESS
                          ROBIN RESPECT
                                                        REBECCA RESPONSIBILITY


 "Give Values the High 5!"

   Values V.I.P Scheme

Our ‘values V.I.P.’ Scheme provides the opportunity to celebrate and commend children who have worked hard to exemplify a particular value.

Each week a special ‘Values V.I.P.’ Log Book’ circulates classes for class teachers to note one or two children who will become the Values V.I.P. for the duration of the following week. This Log Book is proudly displayed in the school Entrance Hall.

As a ‘Values V.I.P.’ pupils can enjoy privileges such as:-

* Attending a special Tea Party with Pupil Support Staff!

Being 1st in line each day at playtime, lunchtime and hometime.

Exempt from ‘Classroom Jobs’ / duties.

Being chosen as volunteers / teachers’ helpers as often as possible.

The Log Book and V.I.P. achievements will be announced and celebrated during Whole School Assemblies.

Through our Values V.I.P. Scheme we encourage all children to try their very best at all times. Our school moto, which is celebrated at weekly whole school assemblies is:






To meet our School Values Characters click here