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Eastbank Primary school are proud to announce that they have retained 4 Green Flags status.
After years of continued hard work, we were successfully assessed on a day of visits from Glasgow dignatory The Lord Provost and the Eco schools assessor.
Again the children rose to the challenge and proudly showed off all their hard work which has been undertaken and could have talked for hours imparting their knowledge.
The Eco assessor was delighted to announce that the school successfully retained its four Green Flags which we proudly display on our flag poles so everyone in the community to help us celebrate our success.
We would like to thank the local community and agencies for all the help they have given us in achieving this.
If you would like to learn more about Eco Schools Scotland, click the link below.
Can you remember what elements are in our Eco Code? 
Eastbank Primary School
Eco Code
We put our litter in the bins and pick up any litter that we see.
 Animated Home Themes - Trash
We try to walk to school rather than take the car.
 Animated green bus buttonAnimated People - Children
 Animated green bus button
Health and Wellbeing
 We eat healthy food and exercise regularly. We care about each other.
       animated gifs            Free Animations    animated gifs
School Grounds
We work together to develop and look after our outdoor areas.
animated gifs
We care for all things living and encourage them into our garden.
 animated gifs
We turn off the taps and monitor our garden water.
Free Animations
We turn off lights and monitor radiators and windows.
      Free Animations                                       Free Animations
Sustaining our World
We take responsibility for our actions and know the effect they have on the environment.
Golden earth
Waste Minimisation
We reduce, reuse and recycle.
Flowers in trash - Click image to download.
We hope that everyone is still following our Eco Code at home too.
To have a look at some of our hard work please click the link below
If you would like more information on Eco Schools and how you can help, please click the Eco-Schools logo below
Eco-Schools Scotland
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